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BFO PDF Library 2.26.1 release announcement

by Mike Bremford

Coming two months after one of our major releases, the 2.26.1 release has seen a large number of small changes based on testing on tens of thousands of documents. But we think the one you're going to notice is the improvements to logging. Read on for more detail.

Converting PDFs to bitmap PDFs

by Mike Bremford

There are many situations where a PDF has to be "rasterized" - the contents of each page turned into a bitmap image - such as when a PDF is being converted to PDF/A and the page contents cannot be repaired. This article shows how to do it efficiently.

The Firefox pdf.js Viewer

by Mike Bremford

We've been getting a few emails asking about the new "pdf.js" viewer in Firefox, and why some of our documents don't render correctly in that viewer. Read on to find out why.

PDF/A Standard - Long Term Archiving Solutions

by Dan Wilson

PDF/A is the ISO standard for the digital preservation and long term archiving of electronic documents. The ability to search documents, include digitial signatures and reduced file size is resulting in both Governments and corporations adopting the PDF/A standard.

Creating TIFF Class F Images

by Mike Bremford

The BFO PDF Library can create TIFF images from PDF using a number of compression algorithms, including Group 4. If for some reason you want to use Group 3 compression you'll need to use a third party library like JAI. This article shows you how.

BFO Technical Support 'second to none' says top Adobe provider

by Jonathan Cookson

BFO are pleased to add 4Point, the world's largest Adobe consulting practice, to its enviable client base. A spokesman for 4Point said, "We used (BFO's) PDF Library to meet our client's need for rich inter-document navigation. With (the) PDF Library we were able to stitch together flat PDFs, create a set of inter-document linking bookmarks, and hyperlink inter-documents via existing and built ta...