Software house phihochzwei UG use BFO to speed up development

Some time ago, we were investigating the existing software possibilities for reading, manipulating and creating PDF files in a Java environment. While doing so, I came in contact with BFO and their awesome libraries and cooperative team.

When I first used the BFO PDF Library, my Java knowledge was a little bit rusty since our main daily business was focused on other environments like Adobe AIR. But thanks to the extremely simple and intuitive usage of their API and to the kind and qualified help of BFOs support and development team, I was able to get back into this and achieve what we wanted.

So, after we started our own business, I remembered all of this when a customer asked for a custom designed PDF Library with Viewer, which had to run across all platforms. So it was obvious to us that we should use BFOs PDF Library Extended + VIewer to achieve this. Within two days the main objectives were implemented thanks to the flexibility of the whole suite, including specific customer requirements to customise the application to just how they wanted it.

Having this in mind, I also wanted to use the PDF Library to substitute the print function in an rather old finance controlling application that we were using at the time, which neither our customer nor our developers were satisfied with. And when I started testing, I found another awesome product of BFO: the Report Generator library.

This amazing little thing lets you create custom and flexible reports as PDF files from a simple HTML'ish XML file in no time. You simply need to write three lines of code and everything is working at an amazing speed which especially delightd our client, since the old solution took minutes to generate the files.

To sum up: We are are happy to work with BFO and their fantastic products and look forward to using them in future projects. Because BFO has understood, in spite of their name ;) , that a satisfied customers does not only come from the product itself but also from the people who sell it and take care of your needs at any time.

Jens Koblitz
phihochzwei UG