BFO Technical Support 'second to none' says top Adobe provider

BFO are pleased to add 4Point, the world's largest Adobe consulting practice, to its enviable client base.

A spokesman for 4Point said, "We used (BFO's) PDF Library to meet our client's need for rich inter-document navigation. With (the) PDF Library we were able to stitch together flat PDFs, create a set of inter-document linking bookmarks, and hyperlink inter-documents via existing and built table of contents and index pages. We chose Big Faceless' PDF Library because it is feature-rich and user-friendly - the API is very coherent and intuitive."

4Point were also delighted by the technical assistance they received from BFO's Support Team.

"We were pleased to find out that the product support was second to none! In a few cases, Big Faceless actually added small features to the PDF Library we required, upon request, and quickly. We couldn't have met our client's needs so cost-effectively without Big Faceless' PDF Library."

4Point are Adobe LiveCycle ES and Flex integration experts and provide document-centric solutions for all markets. Find out more from 4Point's website