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Graphs in dynamic web pages

by Jim Crossley

The traditional approach to using the BFO Graph Library in web pages has been to use the JSP tag library so that the server processes XML in JSP pages and replaces it with generated graphs. However if you want to include BFO graphs in non JSP web pages that use AJAX to load data dynamically then the tag library is not very useful. Although the Graph Library has a SOAP interface for web service access SOAP is not well suited to being used from web pages, so instead we will use the plain XML interface to the Graph Library to dynamically add charts to web pages.

Funnel Charts

by Jim Crossley

With the release of version 2.4 of the BFO Graph library it is now possible to create "funnel charts" This blog article will explain how to use the new chart type and provide examples of the different styles that can be created.