Software developers delighted with "wonderful" PDF Library

As a software consultant/developer I've recently had to evaluate a number of PDF library options for a client. I had looked into some open source possibilities (JPedal, ICEpdf) but wasn't satisfied with their programming models, the quality of the available code and (what was most important for the evaluation) their handling of PDFs "from the wild", e.g. which came from sources which were out of the control of the customer.

It turned out that BFOs PDF Library had the most stable support for the broadest set of input (test) PDFs and I really liked the clean API with nice programming paradigms. Client decision about which library they will use is still pending - but my recommendation was clear.

As I have a "toolset" application which I use for my daily work with a number of plugins to handle files of various types, I decided to use the BFO PDF Library Extended + Viewer to create a plugin for my own personal use in that application. I mainly use it myself, but it is also available as open source from the Borderzone website. It was something I had planned for quite a while, but always postponed because of the labour involved. After having completed the evaluation and seen how easily it could be done with BFO, I went forward quickly and switched from the BFO demo version mode to the full license.

The BFO PDF Library Extended + Viewer works great and to the fullest satisfaction. It's wonderful to see such a splendid product after evaluating a number of other options. Great design. Congratulations BFO!

Leon Poyyayil
Computer Science Engineer
BorderZone Software Development