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New features in the PDF Library 2.15

by Mike Bremford

It's been 4 months since our last PDF API release, what does it have in store? Besides changes to the page list, there are two major new areas: PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 support has been added The Swing classes now support linearized loading New PDF/A revisions We're seeing more and more companies adopt ISO 19005, aka PDF/A, and we're pleased to have added support fo...

Converting PDFs to bitmap PDFs

by Mike Bremford

There are many situations where a PDF has to be "rasterized" - the contents of each page turned into a bitmap image - such as when a PDF is being converted to PDF/A and the page contents cannot be repaired. This article shows how to do it efficiently.

PDF/A Standard - Long Term Archiving Solutions

by Dan Wilson

PDF/A is the ISO standard for the digital preservation and long term archiving of electronic documents. The ability to search documents, include digitial signatures and reduced file size is resulting in both Governments and corporations adopting the PDF/A standard.

Creating PDF/A documents with the BFO library

by Chris Burdess

PDF/A is a standardised subset of PDF used for long-term archive storage. The PDF/A format ensures that documents can be correctly rendered hundreds of years from now in the absence of standard frameworks we take for granted today. Read more to find out how to author PDF/A documents with the BFO PDF library.