If you have any questions and to ensure compliance and seamless integration with your application, please email for a custom quote. For a synopsis of BFO software, please review the Product Comparison Matrix.

Licensing Structure

Model Licensing Pricing Description
Internally Based Server Per Server Number of servers deploying the software
Web Based Annual Fee For internal use. Number of servers deploying the software
OEM Flat fee
Per Server
Required if any product element is embedded as a component within an application that is redistributed. Please complete our quote form or email us at
Web Based Annual Fee Number of servers that the software is deployed over
Unlimited License Unlimited Annual Fee Available on request for all BFO products. This license is best suited to large scale global applications. Production & Development Licenses included, along with Support. Please complete our quote form or email us at
Development Environment Per Server Annual Fee Licenses are required for every "live" server running BFO software in a Quality Assurance, Test and Development Environment
Development licenses (non-production) are priced at $250 per server per year
No charge for servers running BFO software on Disaster Recovery Machines
Technical Support Coverage Annual fee (optional) 20% of current software price Support entitles clients to prioritized technical assistance from the BFO Support Team along with free lifetime upgrades if Support is maintained year on year
Pre "live" technical assistance is free while evaluating BFO software by emailing You can download free fully functional demo versions

Purchasing FAQ

What options do we have for purchasing?

Wire Transfer

This is the preferred payment method. Our "bill to" address is:

Kensington Software Management Ltd
132 Lots Road
London SW10 0RJ
United Kingdom

Banking details will be provided on our invoice.

Cheque / Check Payment can also be accepted by cheque / check. Please mail to the KSM address above and make payable to "Kensington Software Management Ltd", as "Big Faceless Organization" is our trading name. Please note that checks issued outside of the UK may take up to 6 weeks to clear. This is not an efficent process, and we would encourage you to consider wire transfer if at all possible.
Credit Card For payment by credit card, select your requirements from the purchase page and click "Buy Now". Your order will be processed securely and on completion you will receive your license file and invoice by email. Additional Servers can also be purchased by credit card at a discount. Please contact so they can set this up for you.

Delivery: How and when will my purchase arrive?

All our delivery is electronic - as soon as you purchase a BFO product, regardless of your choice of purchase method, you will receive a license file via email along with instructions on how to activate the product. The trial versions which are available for download from the website are fully functional except for the demo stamp, which said license file removes. A 30-day temporary license key (with no demo stamp) is available on request whilst payment is processed. We do not release the license key until we have received payment.

Can you supply a W8/W9?

We're not a US corporation, so we will send a W8 rather than a W9 on request.

What is your returns policy?

There is no returns policy, since users can test demo versions for as long as they wish prior to making a purchase commitment.

Is there a student or Academic Institution discount?

There most certainly is! If you're a student based anywhere on planet earth (or beyond) and feel our software would be of some use, email for a free license valid for 12 months. All we ask for in return is an outline of your planned project in the form of a case study.

We also apply a minimum 20% discount to purchases made by Universities and Academic Institutions.

Have you got any references or client testimonials?

Yes, definitely. Please go to our references section.