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Using Java to Print PDF Documents

by Jonathan Cookson

Printing PDFs is easy with the Java PDF API. In this article we go through the Java Print API at a high level, then guide you through the details in case things go wrong.

BFO release PDF Library and PDF Viewer update

by Jonathan Cookson

Version 2.11.12 of the PDF Library and PDF Viewer fixes a small memory leak in the Viewer which could occur during text selection. Some new methods for working with the Adobe Highlight File Format have been included, along with a large number of minor bugfixes and improvements since the previous release in June.

BFO Technical Support 'second to none' says top Adobe provider

by Jonathan Cookson

BFO are pleased to add 4Point, the world's largest Adobe consulting practice, to its enviable client base. A spokesman for 4Point said, "We used (BFO's) PDF Library to meet our client's need for rich inter-document navigation. With (the) PDF Library we were able to stitch together flat PDFs, create a set of inter-document linking bookmarks, and hyperlink inter-documents via existing and built ta...