BFO develop Java APIs for working with PDF documents and Graphs.

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Boy I love working with you guys. You nailed it. I wish some of my other software vendors could diagnose as quickly. on the Big Faceless PDF Library

Our Products:

Big Faceless PDF Library

A Java class library for creating, editing, displaying and printing PDF

Version 2.22.1 , released 27 Apr 2018

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Big Faceless Report Generator

A Java tool for converting XML to PDF

Version 1.1.63 , released 04 Jun 2018

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Big Faceless Graph Library

A Java class library for producing 2D and 3D Graphs and Charts

Version 2.4.8 , released 22 Jan 2016

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Big Faceless PDF Viewer

A Swing PDF Viewer for displaying PDFs in Applets or applications

Version 2.22.1 , released 27 Apr 2018

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Digitally signing a PDF with the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service

How to create very, very large pages in PDF

BFO releases Java PDF Library 2.22

GlobalSign have recently launched a digital signing service, and in this article we show you how to integrate this with our PDF library.

In the unlikely event you wish to make pages larger them 25m², here'a s quick primer on how to do it with the latest release.

Changes include a reengineered text layout engine, updated internal Unicode model to version 10.0 and OpenType font parser to 1.8. GlobalSignDSS class added to create signatures that work with GlobalSign's digital signing service.

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