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Perfect PDF Digital Signatures, EU style

by Mike Bremford

An updated version of the article we wrote 8 years ago, exploring how to create digital signatures with our API that are automatically approved by Acrobat: this time, with an EU Identity card

Long-Term Validation of Signatures

by Mike Bremford

One of the main new features in release 2.18.2 of our PDF Library was support for "Long Term Validation" of signatures. The purpose of these isn't immediately clear - read on for details.

Handwritten Digital Signatures

by Mike Bremford

A new feature in 2.11.25 of the PDF Library is the ability to capture handwritten signatures from an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet. Useful? Maybe not, but it is kinda neat as you can see in the video.

Perfect PDF Digital Signatures

by Mike Bremford

Not all digital signatures are created equal. Our PDF Library has been able to digitally sign documents for years, but digitally signing a file with a key that's trusted by Acrobat is a little trickier, and requires hardware. Here, we show you how to do it.

Smaller, Faster, Better - BFO Release New PDF Library

by Dan Wilson

The recent PDF Library 2.11.15 has a few highlights, including better support for digital signing from hardware, generation of "Aztec Code" barcodes, basic support for Flash file embedding in PDF, and a large number of bug fixes and improvements. This release offers improvements in memory and speed across the board, with tweaks to the low level data-structures that underly all PDFs. The Jar has shrunk by 10% as well, and our packed PDF Viewer Applet now scrapes in at just under 800KB.