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New features in the PDF Library 2.15

by Mike Bremford

It's been 4 months since our last PDF API release, what does it have in store? Besides changes to the page list, there are two major new areas: PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 support has been added The Swing classes now support linearized loading New PDF/A revisions We're seeing more and more companies adopt ISO 19005, aka PDF/A, and we're pleased to have added support fo...

Roll your own applet: the definitive guide

by Mike Bremford

We've covered them before, but Applets - a technology launched in 1996 with Java 1.0 - just keep changing. What follows is the definitive, step-by-step guide to compiling our viewer as an Applet useful as of mid-2012.

Extending the PDF Viewer - Part 2

by Mike Bremford

In the second part of our "extending the viewer" series, we show you how to go all the way - we create a new "Custom Stamp" feature, then show you how to compile it, bundle it with the Jar than prepare the Jar in the most efficient way for applet delivery.

Using Acrobat JavaScript

by Mike Bremford

PDF documents can contain JavaScript, which opens up all sorts of possibilities - not all of which are gaping security holes. Here's an article showing how to use it in PDF - both how to embed it from the Report Generator, and how to run it in the Viewer.

Combining Ant, Jar, Signatures and Pack200

by Mike Bremford

If you're deploying Java code as Applets, Pack 200 compression can reduce the size of your download by 70%. This article shows how to build digitally signed Jars with Pack 200 compression using Apache Ant. It can be applied to any code, not just BFO code.

New features for Java applets

by Jim Crossley

Sun have rewritten the Java browser plugin in Java 6 Update 10 to address many of the issues that people have experienced with deploying Java applets, and to add new features such as dragging applets out of the browser. We have updated the PDF Viewer Applet to take advantage of these features, and we'll show how you can update your own deployment of the PDF Viewer Applet, or any other applet, to do the same.