Client References

Report Generator + Graph Library

Abbott Laboratories

Just want to say thanks to you and your team. Support is the best I have seen in quite sometime, we will continue to use your products, and would recommend them to peers. Thanks - look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Abbott Laboratories, USA

Report Generator + Graph Library

Bank of Montreal

I have managed to complete the entire project in a single business day! Not to mention the quality that NOT doing an HTML to PDF translation provides.

Talk about return on investment. Man hours alone that have been saved!! I think that the Bank of Montreal will be a very long term and satisfied customer.

Bank of Montreal, Canada

Report Generator

Benevity Social Ventures, Inc.

Benevity is very happy. We were able to fully integrate PDF capabilities into our platform in just a few days, and the quality of the PDFs and licensing cost were comparable or better than the alternatives.

Benevity Social Ventures Inc, Canada

Report Generator

Boeing Automated Systems Group

Thanks have a very nice product - am extremely happy with what I have used thus far.

Boeing Automated Systems Group, USA

Report Generator

Childrens Hospitals and Clinics, USA

The BFO product is running well. We are using it on our internal telephone directory to generate printable output of phone number lists. We are very satisfied overall with your product.

Childrens Hospitals and Clinics, USA

Report Generator

Configure One

Big Faceless knows what they're doing when it comes to software. Quite simply: their products work correctly, consistently, and the first time.

Configure One uses Report Generator to dynamically create customer quotes within the Concept product configurator. Via a "user friendly" user interface, system administrators layout the format of quote documents that will be generated by the system. Those layout instructions are then transmitted to Report Generator, which in turns converts layout intent into a pdf document.

As a product manager, it's important to me that the companies we partner with have the same quality standards as we do, and that the software they produce is reliable. Big Faceless authors solid, reliable products and can readily be depended on to deliver first class solutions.

Big Faceless is a terrific partner to Configure One. They do a great job of listening to our feedback, respond quickly to any requests for help, and consistently deliver great software.

Configure One, USA

PDF Library Extended


Thank you for your excellent support. We work with many different vendors and your team is by far the best.

Michael - CSRA, USA

Report Generator

DHL International

The BFO Report Generator is used to convert the contents of our dunning letters created in HTML format into PDF format. It is also used to generate statements supporting 4 Asian languages, i.e. China Big 5, Taiwan Chinese Simplified, Korean and Japanese in PDF format.

DHL Malaysia

Report Generator

Hitachi Information Systems Ltd

Thanks!! We have over 100,000 users in our system and every months we provide them many kinds of PDF Documents with email.

At first, we made it with Acrobat Plug-in, but the problem was that Acrobat Plug-in did not support multiprocessing. The burden of making PDF Documents was growing steadily.

Now the time of processing is 1.5 times faster than before. Big Faceless PDF EE made it possible.

Hitachi Group Companies, Japan

Report Generator

KPMG Consulting

Brilliant! Simply brilliant.

I have evaluated a number of big name PDF generators and this, in my opinion is the best bar none. BFO Report Generator is years ahead of any other product I have evaluated!

The following features allowed my team to deliver a PDF solution for a major client in less time and under budget:

  • Unbelievable ease-of use.
  • Great examples and documentation.
  • Performance was incredible!
  • So fast!
  • The price was far less than I expected.

I can not thank you guys enough! I will be recommending this to all my clients and colleagues.

Best wishes

KPMG Consulting, USA

Report Generator

KTB Systeme

Having years of experience on XML transformations and document creation from XML data we embedded BFO components into our high-volume XML-Rendering-middleware chameleon/XML.

The Report Generator is (IMHO) the most advanced xml to pdf renderer on the market. Furthermore, the PDF-Lib allows us to fulfil any pdf-manipulation request our customers asked us for - ranging from mere imports, form completion, merges, signing, pdf-security, adding javascripts, and so forth. It perfectly completes our XML to PDF solutions catalog.

We are sure many of our customers will gradually switch from XSL-FO renderers to BFO-ReportGenerator for a multitude of reasons beside the massive performance gains alone.

The quality of the software and the support is outstanding.

KTB Systeme, Germany

Report Generator

ObjectiveIT GmbH

We are using the BFO Report Generator Extended to print high-end and professionally styled printouts for the clients of our customers. We use the BFO Report Generator together with the java template engine Freemaker to design our reports without java programming interactions. The resulting solution means even clients with basic html skills can easily adjust the templates for the BFO Report Generator as it utilises a html style syntax.

The generated reports have the look and feel of professional marketing company styled print media and are a useful and valuable tool for the broker presenting accurate and tailored analyses to their clients.

ObjectiveIT GmbH, Germany

Report Generator + PDF Viewer

phihochzwei UG

We wanted to use the PDF Library to substitute the print function in an rather old finance controlling application that we were using at the time, which neither our customer nor our developers were satisfied with. And when I started testing, I found another awesome product of BFO: the Report Generator library.

This amazing little thing lets you create custom and flexible reports as PDF files from a simple HTML'ish XML file in no time. You simply need to write three lines of code and everything is working at an amazing speed which especially delightd our client, since the old solution took minutes to generate the files.

To sum up: We are are happy to work with BFO and their fantastic products and look forward to using them in future projects. Because BFO has understood that a satisfied customers does not only come from the product itself but also from the people who sell it and take care of your needs at any time.

phihochzwei UG, Germany

Report Generator

Wisconsin Court System

The Report Generator is a solid implementation of a great idea. It's vastly simpler than XSL-FO. Excellent documentation too. On the whole though, we're quite happy with the product. In my view, it's the best of the available options (commercial or otherwise) for generating PDFs using an XML vocabulary.

Wisconsin Supreme Court, USA

Report Generator + Graph Library

Valuation Företagsvärderingar i Sverige AB

Valuation Företagsvärderingar is offering standardized company valuations targeted at small and medium sized companies. Currently the company has an 80% market share in Sweden and is in the process of expanding to other parts of Europe.

Valuation Företagsvärderingar i Sverige AB, Sweden

PDF Library

BorderZone Software Development

The BFO PDF Library Extended + Viewer works great and to the fullest satisfaction. It's wonderful to see such a splendid product after evaluating a number of other options. Great design. Congratulations BFO!

BorderZone, Switzerland

PDF Library

Cory Brothers Shipping Ltd, UK

"We are very pleased with how your product works. It is being used in our Java Servlet based Shipping application to produce documents that our customers can generate then download over the Internet and we will be using it more and more in the future I'm sure. Keep up the good work!"

Cory Brothers Shipping Ltd, UK

PDF Library + PDF Viewer


cyberDOC is a joint venture of the Austrian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries and Atos Information Technology GmbH, a ground-breaking technology which enables electronic legal, documentary and administrative transactions.

Besides displaying documents, the archive client software supports the notary with scanning, PDF/A conversion, page editing, digital signing and more. This functionality has been implemented as additional Viewer Features of the very flexible and extensible BFO PDF Library and Viewer.

Together with the features already included by BFO, we can now offer the notary a complete and intuitive set of functions to prepare documents for archiving. The viewer framework is used as an integrated part of the cyberDOC archive client software as well as a standalone secure viewer component to be used to create genuine, digital documents.

BFO provided us with the software platform to easily work with the PDF document format and the framework concept gave us the opportunity to integrate our own, special features. For working with the PDF format in a Java environment, the detailed library, the framework design of the PDF Viewer and the competent support team puts you on the right track. It is worth the license costs for sure.

cyberDOC, Austria

PDF Library


DBConcepts is an Austrian software company focusing on Oracle databases and connected technology such as Appservers and Java.

We used BFO PDF library for a bank with the highest volume of funds in Austria. They needed to generate data sheets for about 100 different funds with graphics and in three different languages. BFO PDF Library was very flexible in handling fonts which was important as the bank had its own corporate identity font which had to be included in the document. Without BFO PDF library it would not have been possible to fulfil the requirements of the Marketing department of the bank.

DBConcepts, Austria

PDF Library

DSO National Laboratories, Singapore

We are currently using BFO primarily for its ability to stamp arbitrary text of our choosing onto PDF documents for accountability purposes when users download such documents from our application. The ability to link in BFO as a JAR library directly into our application was also an advantage (as opposed to running it as a separate process). The application is used in our internal networks and is not accessible through the Internet.

DSO National Laboratories, Singapore

PDF Library

Financial Pacific Leasing, LLC

We use it to generate report documents when we post customer payments. I have been fairly satisfied with the performance and impressed on how easy is was to integrate the library into our application. I hope to use it more as we enhance the application's features.

Financial Pacific Leasing, LLC, USA

PDF Library

FundSERV Inc, Canada

PDF library extended edition is the product we use for our online invoicing. We had the demo version during the early test phase of our project, after a month of developing we decided to move into a more mature pilot phase of our project.

FundSERV Inc, Canada

PDF Library

GHR Systems

GHR provides on-line web-based financing solutions with particular success in the offering loans into the recreational vehicle market.In this context we use the PDF Library to provide real-time generation of pre-populated loan-related documentation - application forms, invoices, decline/approval letters and legal contracts.

I have been very satisfied with BFO in two ways:

  1. Performance - I found in my evaluation the product was signficantly faster than competing products.
  2. Service - During my initial implementation I encountered a few "absent" features that would make my development much easier. I submitted requests to BFO and was extremely pleased with both the speed of the response (typically one business day) and the ability to then accommodate my request by adding that feature.

GHR Systems Canada Inc, Canada

PDF Library


We made our packing list (for sending out greeting cards) with the BFO tool [Big Faceless PDF Library]. Extracting all information from our database wasn’t difficult, from a time perspective - time is money, buying BFO was cheaper and faster!

Greetz, Netherlands

PDF Library

HousingWorks, USA

HousingWorks.Net is an Internet system that links the agencies and individuals who comprise the subsidized/affordable/special needs housing community, without requiring systems change or a higher degree of education on an impoverished population. One of the main ways in which we create this linkage is through an online service that lets disabled and non-English speaking people 1) create a client profile, and 2) import that information into thousands of housing applications for subsidized or special needs housing. This allows everyone fair and equal access to housing, and also allows us to link a number of fragmented "helping systems" that could find no other way to interface.

A linchpin in providing our service was that we had to be able to duplicate thousands of unique housing applications. Thanks to the PDF format and your excellent software solution, we were able to provide this service to everyone in the state - and most participants will benefit at no cost. Your product is reliable and as flexible as we could wish.

HousingWorks, USA

PDF Library


What appeals to me is Big Faceless' customer support. I was very impressed with the responsiveness of Big Faceless. I always felt [they] had our interests in mind when addressing our concerns.

Intralinks, USA

PDF Library

Lockheed Martin Information Technology

Feel free to use me as a reference regarding the excellent customer service provided by BigFaceless. It's an unexpected pleasure to find a software house that actually provides good customer service.

Lockheed Martin Information Technology, USA

PDF Library + Graph Library

Mediaworx Systems

We used both PDF and Graph libraries in a major project for a couple biggest long term customers which are the main German insurance companies in retail business. They are geographically divided, market leads in their respective region and associated with one of the lead retail bank in Germany.

Within the project, we implemented an internet statistic, which analyzes overall 17 sites of these insurance companies.

The internet-presence of these companies is based on Divine ContentServer-CMS. This statisic tool is implemented on a JSP/Servlet plattform and stores the reference data within a database, which means it is not logfile-oriented. It is able to analyize ditributed content a well. Furthermore, it is able to analyze formula-based pages on field level. Any statistic can be exported as pdf-file and most of the statistics provide a diagramm view. Thats where your libs were used.

You can find a sample of the pages to analyze under:

Mediaworx Systems, Germany

PDF Library + PDF Viewer

QNT Systemy Informatyczne

We develop software for accounting, payroll, human resources and many other fields. One of our products is an application used to handle tax declarations through which there is an extensive use of documents in the PDF format. Before we discovered BFOs Java PDF Library Extended + PDF Viewer we had tried to use many other libraries however none of them fulfilled our expectations.

Perfect support, great contact, flexibility and willingness to help are additional advantages of BFO. Thank you!

QNT Systemy Informatyczne, Poland

PDF Library

SEC Ventures, LLC

SEC Ventures, LLC uses BFO's PDF library to generate financial forms with customer data as part of the web based financial planning tools that we design, build and host for our clients in the financial services sector.

The tool is flexible, scalable and cost effective. Generally we use an Open Source technology stack where possible and this is one of the few tools that we elected to invest in.

SEC Ventures, USA

PDF Library


Boy I love working with you guys. You nailed it. I wish some of my other software vendors could diagnose as quickly.

Toro Inc, USA

PDF Library

Toyota Motor Sales

My questions were answered very quickly and the answers resolved my problems. I've been very pleased with the BFO support.

Toyota Motor Sales, USA

PDF Library


Our project has gone very smooth and I was fortunate enough to have found your PDF Library. We needed a way to place dynamic barcodes into a printable format that would be fast and reliable.

After testing the library I found that the PDF Library suited our needs. It only takes seconds to create a PDF that includes dynamic data and dynamic barcodes for a document of about 35 pages. We have hundreds of documents that need to be printed and producing these dynamic documents takes little effort by our end users.

TruServ, USA

PDF Library + PDF Viewer


The PDF library is working very well for us and still providing value to our users.

Thank you!

Sherwin-Williams, USA

PDF Library + PDF Viewer


We have been very happy with our decision to work with BFO as the provider of our PDF Viewer functionality. We have a project with an expanding user base that counts on that PDF functionality, so a PDF Viewer, PDF Library, and support is an important part of our infrastructure.

BFO delivers source code that is modular, easy to follow, and easy to extend giving us the ability to customize the Viewer. The support BFO provides is second to none. They are friendly and courteous always providing in depth explanations when questions arise, not to mention willing to grow their product specifically to support out needs.


Graph Library

Autoliv Inc

Our project has gone very smoothly, greatly in part to your software. We are very pleased with your software, and are glad we came to you for our needs. It not only met our needs in terms of being able to graph what we wanted, but has also been very reliable and efficient in terms of load times, scalability, and usability. Cost was also very reasonable for this product.

Autoliv Inc, USA

Graph Library

BMC Infectious Diseases

The Big Faceless Graph library is a Java class library for creating Graphs and Charts. MAPAPP uses the Graph Library to generate the raw and moving average graphs.

Check out the graphs generated by the Graph Library or download the case study.

Swedish Institute & Karolinska Institute (now the Folkhälsomyndigheten), Sweden

Graph Library

Traffic4U, Netherlands

We use your graph library to create PDF files for our customers, with nice looking graphs in them. It works very well, and since it has been developed we have not had wishes to changes things, so it is just 'out there' and running smooth.

Traffic4U, Netherlands

Graph Library


Thank you for your commitment to provide outstanding support to Verizon.

Verizon, USA