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BFO PDF Library 2.26.1 release announcement

by Mike Bremford

Coming two months after one of our major releases, the 2.26.1 release has seen a large number of small changes based on testing on tens of thousands of documents. But we think the one you're going to notice is the improvements to logging. Read on for more detail.

Converting PDF to PDF/A

by Mike Bremford

Converting PDF to PDF/A has always been possible with our API, but we largely left our customers to choose their own approach. Release 2.26 changes that - we now have a very powerful new API for conversion.

BFO PDF Library 2.24: a PDF/UA deep dive

by Mike Bremford

The new release of our PDF Library has completely rewritten support for the Structure Tree, required for PDF/UA. While mainly to support the addition of PDF/UA to the Report Generator, if you're working with Tagged PDF this release has lots for you.

BFO releases Java PDF Library 2.22

by Mikess Nandha

Changes include a reengineered text layout engine, updated internal Unicode model to version 10.0 and OpenType font parser to 1.8. GlobalSignDSS class added to create signatures that work with GlobalSign's digital signing service.

Long-Term Validation of Signatures

by Mike Bremford

One of the main new features in release 2.18.2 of our PDF Library was support for "Long Term Validation" of signatures. The purpose of these isn't immediately clear - read on for details.

Big Faceless releases PDF Library 2.17.1

by Mike Bremford

BFO have just released a new update to their PDF Library, the first for a few months. Here we describe a few features that are in the new release in a bit more detail. Integrating Logging messages with the viewer Our logging framework is a thin wrapper around whichever of Log4J or java.util.logging is configured, which means it's essentially a functional interface. Lo...

BFO releases Java PDF Library 2.11.24

by Mike Bremford

We've put out our first PDF library in 5 months, and although there are a lot of small changes there are very few headline grabbers. Perhaps the most interesting is the ability to restrict operations in the viewer with permissions - here we go into that framework in a little more detail.

Smaller, Faster, Better - BFO Release New PDF Library

by Dan Wilson

The recent PDF Library 2.11.15 has a few highlights, including better support for digital signing from hardware, generation of "Aztec Code" barcodes, basic support for Flash file embedding in PDF, and a large number of bug fixes and improvements. This release offers improvements in memory and speed across the board, with tweaks to the low level data-structures that underly all PDFs. The Jar has shrunk by 10% as well, and our packed PDF Viewer Applet now scrapes in at just under 800KB.

BFO release PDF Library and PDF Viewer update

by Jonathan Cookson

Version 2.11.12 of the PDF Library and PDF Viewer fixes a small memory leak in the Viewer which could occur during text selection. Some new methods for working with the Adobe Highlight File Format have been included, along with a large number of minor bugfixes and improvements since the previous release in June.

BFO releases Java PDF library 2.11.2

by Mike Bremford

BFO have released a new version of their Java PDF Library. Version 2.11.2 fixes an issue with IBM versions of Java that was introduced in the previous release - a change of obfuscator clashed with a bug in some releases of the JRE supplied with Websphere. There are fixes for Customers reading and writing PDFs to the same File, a memory leak in the Viewer has been fixed, and a number of bugs have...

Big Faceless releases Java PDF Library 2.10.4

by Dan Wilson

BFO are pleased to announce the 2.10.4 release of their PDF library. Several months in the making, it contains a large number of changes, mostly under the hood. For the end user, the primary new features will be the new single column display in the Viewer; improvements to allow the library to work with XFA-only PDFs and the addition of the new USPS "IntelligentMail" BarCode. There was also a larg...

Big Faceless releases PDF Library 2.10.3

by Mike Bremford

BFO have released a major update to their PDF Library. The 2.10.3 release has a number of significant improvements across the board: for the first time the PDF library can now write Linearized, or "web-optimized" PDF's, which are optimized for faster display in a web browser. Text extraction has been rewritten and is now significantly faster and more accurate. A bug causing higher than necessary ...

The BFO Blog arrives

by Mike Bremford

Hello and welcome to the latest section of BFO's website, the "BFO Blog". We'll be using this section to disseminate useful bits of information that we think our customers might want to hear, but that don't really fit anywhere else.