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Watermarking a Report

by Mike Bremford

The Report Generator is a layer on top of the PDF Library API which converts XML to PDF. The XML is much easier to work with, but there are always situations where you'll need the flexibility of the API. Here we show you how to do this, and we also present a neat and non-obvious technique for watermarking.

Converting PDF to TIFF, PNG and JPEG

by Mike Bremford

We're asked some questions more than others at BFO, and one of the most common concerns conversion of a PDF to a bitmap image format - typically TIFF, but sometimes JPEG or another format. This process is called "rasterization" and while it's very easy to do with the "extended plus viewer" version of our PDF Library, it's worth going over in more detail.

Linearized PDF

by Mike Bremford

The 2.10.3 release of the PDF library adds support for writing "Linearized" PDF documents, sometimes called "Web Optimized" or "Fast Web View" enabled. This feature has been a part of the PDF specification since Acrobat 3.0, but it's poorly understood even by developers.