BFO PDF Library 2.28.3 is released

BFO PDF Library 2.28.3

It's been six months since we've had a PDF Library release, but 2.28.3 is here with some major new functionality.

  • "Per-Separation" rendering allows each individual ink in a PDF to be rendered seperately, reproducing the "Output Preview" functionality in Adobe Acrobat. We first promised this to one customer about a decade ago, so this has been a very long time coming - it's a complex piece of work under the hood, but simple to use. It's significant enough to get its own article, so we'll say no more on this here.
  • As part of this change we had to redo the "Device CMYK" color-space we ship with the API, as represented by the CMYKColorSpace class. Intended to represent a non-specific, generic CMYK colorspace, this class has been in the API since the first release in 2001. However now we're not only converting from CMYK to RGB, with "per-separation" rendering we're going the other way. The existing color-space wasn't suitable for this, so we've replaced it with - essentially - FOGRA39. If you're converting PDFs containing device-dependent CMYK colors to RGB, the new release will result in a very slight color shift as a result. Device-dependent CMYK is, of course, going to vary across devices. But if the old colorspace is required, it's still available. See the API docs for CMYKColorSpace for details
  • Document Parts, new in PDF 2.0, allow pages in a PDF to be assigned to a particular part. This is primarily intended for use with PDF/VT, a section of the industry we don't have much to do with. But it's also been discussed as a component of the in-progress email archiving work, so we've added support.
  • We've added output-profiles to support the Factur-X specification for e-invoicing in Germany, France, Italy and elsewhere. We'll have more to say on this later, including how to generate these with BFO Publisher and XSLT. Watch this space.
  • We can now create the variant of the four-state barcode used by Australian Post for bulk mailing.
  • Finally, there's a broad selection of minor fixes, covering everything from OCSP responses during digital signing, to PDF/UA creation and validation. Full details, as always, in the CHANGELOG

Download, as always, available from Remember upgrading with BFO is always free, so don't be shy.