University Goes Paperless with BFOs Java PDF Library

At Northumbria University we are currently using the BFO PDF Library Extended + Viewer all over our site, but the latest use we’ve found is using the Library to provide anonymous marking for students.

Application Overview

Students submit PDFs to our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). These are then extracted by admin and submitted to our reprographics department via a web app that inserts cover pages with a bi-directional keyed barcode relating to user details and module code. A submission invoice is also generated on the fly by BFO. The document is then printed on our XEROX Repro printers as a batch, saving around 90% in traditional printing costs. The document is then passed back for marking by lecturers.

After marking has been completed, barcodes scanned and labels stuck to the documents, the papers are then returned to the students. This system completely eliminates expensive ‘gummed’ or triplicate cover sheets that vary wildly in price depending on which department is purchasing them.

We're also working on an online paperless prospectus application which may be in the pipeline later this year with any luck.

The BFO PDF Library is one of the best documented Java libraries I’ve ever used, and works fantastically well.

Many thanks, and well done on a great product!

Graham Campbell
Northumbria University