Create PDF Tax Receipts in Real-Time Using BFOs Report Generator

Benevity Social Ventures, Inc. (“Benevity”) is a software social enterprise headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Benevity has developed the world’s first embeddable micro-donation software which enables businesses of all types to engage their customers and employees in optional charitable giving. Benevity’s embeddable micro-donation platform makes it easy for companies to build authentic and impactful cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and other corporate social responsibility initiatives that increase engagement, brand differentiation and return on investment.

One of the many features of the Benevity platform is the ability to generate real-time, customized donation receipts. These receipts are used by donors for income-tax purposes and contain additional information such as user chosen causes and potentially multiple corporate match amounts. In addition to receipts, the Benevity platform also generates a number of other customizable reports such as invoices.

PDF Reports on-the-fly

Benevity leverages BFO’s powerful Report Generator to produce these reports as PDF documents by converting them from HTML templates. This allows our graphic designers to create the customized and branded report templates in a familiar HTML/XML language which can then be automatically converted to PDF’s on the fly. In addition to the Report Generator, we enjoy other PDF Library benefits such as digital signatures and data protection via encryption, thus ensuring the authenticity and validity of the PDF’s. We can also overlay annotations such as “VOID” when producing tax receipts in a non-production environment.

Overall Benevity is very happy with the BFO Report Generator and PDF Library products. We were able to fully integrate PDF capabilities into our platform in just a few days, and the quality of the PDFs and licensing cost were comparable or better than the alternatives.

Camilo Rostoker
Software Architect
Benevity Social Ventures, Inc.