BFO PDF Library 2.28.2 is released

BFO PDF Library 2.28.2

Our latest release only has a few items listed in the CHANGELOG, so on the surface doesn't look like much. But this release brings our draft PDF/UA-2 specification inline with the final draft submitted to ISO two weeks ago: in fact the diff with the previous release is about 12,000 lines, well above average. There's a lot happening here, but almost all of it is restricted to the OutputProfile class and the code that works with the PDF structure tree.

Of course PDF/UA-2 is still in draft, so for most users this is not going to be of any interest, but we're hoping it will be useful for other companies working in the PDF/UA-2 space to test against. As part of this work we've put a few fixes in to our PDF/A-4 profile as well, and even applied a subtle fix to PDF/A-1 (from 2005). So it's fair to say this release is mostly about PDF "output profiles" - PDF/A and PDF/UA.

There are a few other minor fixes for specific customers and specific issues, and if you've been talking to us about these over the last couple of months, this release will include all the temporary fixes we've made for you.

For other customers - if you're working with PDF/A-4 or PDF/UA-1, this release is worth downloading. As always it's available from