Archiving PDF Documents with BFO for the Austrian Notaries Chamber

cyberDOC is providing the nationwide document archive for the Austrian Notaries Chamber. It ensures the integrity, confidentiality and availability of millions of documents by utilization of public key cryptographic infrastructures and the usage of long term document formats like TIFF and nowadays PDF/A to meet the high expectations of the notaries. It also serves as a document turntable for connected organizations of the public service within the Austrian e-government.

Besides displaying documents, the archive client software supports the notary with scanning, PDF/A conversion, page editing, digital signing and more.

This functionality has been implemented as additional Viewer Features of the very flexible and extensible BFO PDF Library and Viewer. Together with the features already included by BFO, we can now offer the notary a complete and intuitive set of functions to prepare documents for archiving.

The viewer framework is used as an integrated part of the cyberDOC archive client software as well as a standalone secure viewer component to be used to create genuine, digital documents.

BFO provided us with the software platform to easily work with the PDF document format and the framework concept gave us the opportunity to integrate our own, special features. Not to forget the ambitious software support of BFO enabling us to write our own code, extending the framework according to our requirements where it makes sense like permissions or the PDF-AS (EGIZ) signature and helping us with exotic occurrences of PDF documents.

For working with the PDF format in a Java environment, the detailed library, the framework design of the PDF Viewer and the competent support team puts you on the right track. It is worth the license costs for sure.

Dr. Alfred Moser
Chief Executive Officer
cyberDOC GmbH & Co KG

cyberDOC is a joint venture of the Austrian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries and Worldline Austria GmbH, a ground-breaking technology which enables electronic legal, documentary and administrative transactions. For more information please visit their website.