Columbia University Acquire Big Faceless Report Generator

Case Study - Columbia University

  • Michael Clayton
  • Columbia University
  • Department of Chemistry
  • 212 854 8575
  • The department of chemistry has hosted the National Science Foundation's Research Experience (NSFRE) for Undergraduates in Chemistry for 20 years. In that time the application process has gone from totally paper to a partial web application. Our requirements were to find a software solution that could:

    • Generate PDF files via web pages
    • Be easily integrated into our current environment
    • Reduce the time it takes to compile applicant data by providing access via the web
    • Fit with knowledge and skills of the staff using the application on a daily basis

    The Application

    The entry process for the NSFRE involves accepting applicants personal and academic information via the web - applicants provide information such as name, date of birth, research interests and more. Once applicant data is received and stored in a Database, we need to publish that data in a printable format. As our staff are very familiar with Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format the Big Faceless Report Generator seemed a logical fit with our needs. The Report Generator allows us to print applicant information for acceptance Committee review, and we'll be using the application to generate graphs to analyse the demographic breakdown of our applicants.

    I was recommended the Big Faceless products and found implementing the software straightforward. To date the Big Faceless Report Generator has filled our requirements.

  • Sincerely, Michael Clayton
  • Sincerely,
    Michael Clayton
    Columbia University