Big Faceless PDF Library 2.28.5

The Big Faceless PDF Library

This is the JavaDoc API documentation for the Big Faceless PDF library, a java package for creating PDF documents on-the-fly. It's available from

The top level class for a PDF is the PDF object, which is typically where you should start if you want to read or write PDFs. Other useful high-level classes include the PDFReader class, for reading PDFs and the PDFParser class, which parses the content of the PDF and is the starting point if you want to render or extract text from a PDF.

The PDFViewer package contains some additional classes which turn the PDF library into a standalone PDF viewer. There is a tutorial on using the viewer package here.

Package Description
Contains the classes used to create a PDF document
The "viewer" package contains the classes required to create a Swing application to display PDFs.
Contains a list of all the features that are available to the PDFViewer.
Contains utility classes for the viewer.