gdata element

Attributes: color  •  extend  •  min-value  •  name  •  name2  •  value
See:areagraph bargraph datacurve depthbargraph floatingbargraph linegraph multibargraph piegraph sample towerbargraph

This element is used by the piegraph, bargraph, towerbargraph, floatingbargraph, depthbargraph and multibargraph to specify the data (the linegraph and areagraph use a datacurve instead).

For a floatingbargraph, the name, min-value, mid-value and max-value attributes are mandatory.

For all other graphs the name and value attributes are mandatory, and the depthbargraph, towerbargraph and multibargraph require the name2 attribute as well.

The color attribute may be used to set the color of the data, and for a piegraph the extend attribute may be used to extend the slice away from the center of the pie.

See the page for the type of graph you're plotting for examples.