max-value, mid-value, min-value attribute

Used By:gdata

The min-value, mid-value and max-value attributes are used by the gdata tag inside a FLOATINGBARGRAPH. They control the y-position of the bottom, mid-point and top of the bar respectively, and all three must be specified for each gdata element, with the restriction that min-value <= mid-value <= max-value. If a mid-point is not required, set the mid-value attribute to the same as min-value.

<floatingbargraph width="100" height="100">
  <gdata min-value="5" mid-value="7" max-value="10"/>
  <gdata min-value="4" mid-value="8" max-value="9"/>
  <gdata min-value="8" mid-value="10" max-value="12"/>