value attribute

Used By:barcode, gdata, input, li, meta, option
See:name name2 start

The value attributes meaning depends on which element it's used in.

For meta elements, it's the value of the specified attribute.

For barcode elements, it's the value of the barcode

For li elements inside an ol, it's the value of the current list element. Subsequent elements will increment from this point, overriding any value set by start

For gdata elements, it's the value to give to this element in the graph

For input elements, it's the value to set this form field to.

As used in the META element

<meta name="author" value="Jim Jones"/>

As used in the INPUT element

<input type="button" name="button1" value="Submit"/>

As used in the LINK element

<link type="font" subtype="TrueType" name="myfont" src="myfont.ttf"/>

As used in the GDATA element

<piegraph width="100" height="100">
  <gdata name="apples" value="20"/>
  <gdata name="oranges" value="15"/>

As used in the DATACURVE and SIMPLECURVE elements

<linegraph width="100" height="100">
  <datacurve name="measurements">
    <sample x="10" y="10"/>
    <sample x="14" y="12"/>
    <sample x="19" y="14"/>
  <simplecurve name="predicted" method="Math.log"/>

As used in the BOOKMARK element

<bookmark name="Chapter 1" href="#chapter1"/>