Big Faceless Java Graph Library

The Big Faceless Java Graph library is a class library for creating industry leading Graphs and Charts in Java. Backed by a full 3D engine, it can plot 2D or shaded 3D Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Area and Bar Graphs from any viewpoint to PNG, Flash, PDF or SVG, quickly and with stunning results.

Product Overview

Version 2 of the Big Faceless Graph Library builds on everything we were asked for in version 1 - we believe it's the most comprehensive Graph library on the market. Key features include:

  • XML and JSP Tag Library interface, for extremely easy integration with web projects
  • SOAP and XML Web Services interface for graph creation
  • Very comprehensive API and Tag documentation with dozens of examples
  • Embed JavaScript in your tags to easily create powerful rollovers
  • Full 3D engine with adjustable light source, produces the most realistic graphs on the market
  • Output to PNG, SVG, Macromedia Flash, PDF or java.awt.Image for use in Applets
  • Graph Dates, Currencies, Percentages, Numbers and Discrete data out of the box, easily extended for total control over the axes
  • Mix Bars, Lines, Candles, Bubbles, all on the same graph
  • Add text, lines or custom markers anywhere on the graph, including axes
  • Use up to four axes on the one graph, including logarithmic axes
  • Plot mathematical functions, data samples and spline curves fitted to data, all on the same graph.
  • It's fast - plot several 3D graphs a second to PDF or SVG

Big Faceless Java Graph Library

Big Faceless Java Graph Library

Version: 2.4.8
Date: 22 Jan 2016
Size: 3.4M (.zip) 3.2M (.tar.gz)
License: From US$800

Product Benefits

There are many interesting features of the Graph Library, but we suspect the most useful is the Tag Library interface. This makes embedding graphs in web pages almost trivial - as easy as creating an HTML table, for instance. Most people will embed the graph as a PNG, which means JavaScript can be used to create rollovers and actions, in exactly the same way as an image map. If you prefer a vector image, SVG and Flash can be created by changing one word of your XML.

The most popular request we received with version 1 was mixed lines and bars on the same graph. We've gone one better and in version 2 any number of data sets can be mixed on the graph, overlaid on each other as if they were panes of glass. You can use up to four axes (one on each side) to mix data measuring different scales on the one graph, and have full control over the scaling.

Customers Using the Graph Library say:

  • "It cuts a good two or three weeks off of the development time, at least." - Consultant
  • "Since it has been developed we have not had wishes to changes things, so it is just 'out there' and running smooth." - Traffic4U
  • "Very reliable and efficient in terms of load times, scalability, and usability" - Autoliv

Free Trial

The trial is fully functional but will stamp the word "DEMO" on each graph. It will run on Java 1.2 or later, and requires no additional libraries (although if you want to render to PDF you will need our PDF library). It does use the AWT libraries, so UNIX users will need Java 1.4 or X11. If you want to use the Tag Library interface you'll also need a Java Application Server supporting 2.3 or later of the Servlet specification.

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Brilliant! I have evaluated a number of big name PDF generators and this, in my opinion, is the best bar none. BFO Report Generator is years ahead of any other product I have evaluated!

-- KPMG Consulting on the Big Faceless Report Generator