Big Faceless Java PDF Library

The Big Faceless Java PDF Library is the smartest Java PDF library for creating, editing, displaying and printing Acrobat PDF documents. The PDF API is small, fast, easy to use and integrate into your projects, and is completely written in Java.

Product Overview

The PDF Library reads and writes PDFs compatible with all versions of Acrobat, and boasts a dynamic range of features including:

  • Transparent Unicode support - create documents in Arabic, Russian or Japanese as easily as English
  • TrueType and Type1 fonts, with subsetting for smaller files. Great for OCR
  • PDF Encryption, for password-protected documents (40 and 128 bit RC4 or AES)
  • Embed JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or java.awt.Image images, or add Barcodes directly to the PDF
  • Use Spot colors, calibrated ICC profiles and other advanced colorspace
  • Add HTML-style Hyperlinks to text or images
  • Process 1000+ words a second with kerning, ligatures, justification and "curly quotes" for legibility
  • Simplify complex document creation by defining and applying "Styles"
  • Full support for PDF features like bookmarks, compression and document meta-information
  • Non-linear creation of documents - pages can be created and edited in any order

PDF Library Extended Edition

The extended edition of the Java PDF Library offers additional features:

  • Load and edit existing PDF documents, as templates or merge with others
  • Create and edit interactive Forms, or "AcroForm"
  • Digitally sign documents, or verify existing digital signatures
  • Can read and write Linearized or "web ready" PDFs, designed for faster downloading

Java PDF Viewer

On top of the Extended edition, the Viewer Extension can be used to display PDFs:

  • Swing component for displaying PDF documents
  • Convert PDF to Tiff (or any other bitmap format)
  • Extract and index text and images from PDF documents, including integration with Apache Lucene
  • Print PDF documents, including support for annotations and other PDF features not supported by Java 1.5 printing
  • Create PDF/A documents: Pre-flight new or existing PDFs against PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 or PDF/A-1b

Big Faceless Java PDF Library

Big Faceless Java PDF Library

Version: 2.18.4
Date: 06 May 2016
Size: 12M (.zip) 11M (.tar.gz)
License: From USD$850

Product Benefits

BFO's PDF Library provides unparalleled implementation flexibility and reliability for the developer. It's scalable, thread-safe and extremely fast, having been honed over the years, and runs on any Java platform from the humble PC up to Mainframes.

The API has been designed so you don't need to know the PDF specification in order to create PDF's. We hide as much of the gory details as possible but still give you almost complete control over the PDF itself. Where possible we re-use standard Java classes - for example the pages are stored in a java.util.List, which can be manipulated any way you like (so moving pages from one document to another is a breeze). This means an API which is smaller and easier to remember.

The Viewer Extension allows PDF's to be parsed and converted to bitmaps for display, to be saved as a bitmap image (e.g TIFF) or for printing. Although Java 1.5 theoretically supports printing PDFs out of the box, results are often poor and support for features like annotations, encrypted documents etc. is incomplete. Our PDF library fills this gap, giving consistent results for all PDFs

The trial version is fully functional (it adds a "DEMO" stamp to each page it creates), which allows you as much time as you need to ensure that it meets your requirements. We offer free ad-hoc support during development so if you have any technical queries please do drop us an email.

Customers using the BFO Java PDF Library say:

  • "Very straight forward to use" - Excel Partnership Inc
  • "I found in my evaluation the PDF Library was faster than competing products" - GHR Systems
  • "Your product is reliable and as flexible as we could wish" - Housing Works
  • "Without BFO PDF library it would not have been possible to fulfil the requirements" - DB Concepts

Free Trial

You will need Java 1.4 or later installed and running on your system. The PDF library uses no native code, requires no other packages to be installed and will run easily from EJB's, Servlets or JSP's on Windows, Unix or any other system running Java 1.4 or later (although for the Swing Viewer, we strongly recommend Java 1.5 or later).

Download the PDF Library

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Step through a wide range of comprehensive examples that demonstrates the versatility of the PDF library.


Documentation can be viewed online and is also included with the product download.

The Extended Edition adds the ability to import and edit existing PDF documents.

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Perfect support, great contact, flexibility and willingness to help are additional advantages of BFO. Thank you!

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