import java.util.*;
import java.awt.Color;
import org.faceless.pdf2.*;

 * The Images example demonstrates inserting images into a document.
 * We insert a GIF image, two JPEG's and a PNG onto the page.
public class Images
  public static void main(String[] args)
    throws IOException
    // Create a new PDF document and A4 landscape page
    PDF pdf = new PDF();
    PDFPage page = pdf.newPage("A4-landscape");

    // To make layout easier, store the width and height of the
    // page in a couple of variables, and have the whole page and measured in points
    // from the top-left of the page.
    float width = page.getWidth();
    float height = page.getHeight();

    // Draw a light blue rectangle filling most of the page.
    PDFStyle background = new PDFStyle();
    background.setFillColor(new Color(208,231,240));
    page.drawRectangle(100, 100, width-100, height-100);

    // Load the images.
    // We're loading the images from files here, but there is no
    // reason whey they couldn't be loaded from a ByteArrayInputStream
    // or any other stream.
    PDFImage map = new PDFImage(new FileInputStream("resources/images/africa.gif"));
    PDFImage sand = new PDFImage(new FileInputStream("resources/images/sanddune.jpg"));
    PDFImage canoe = new PDFImage(new FileInputStream("resources/images/canoe.jpg"));
    PDFImage logo = new PDFImage(new FileInputStream("resources/images/logosmall.png"));

    // Draw the images.
    // Although we are specifying the upper-left and lower-right hand
    // corners for each images' rectangle, any two opposite corners
    // would do.
    // We're blatently ignoring the image aspect ratios.

    // Draw the first image (the map, a GIF image) with the top right
    // corner 100 pixels in from the top-right hand corner of the page
    page.drawImage(map, width-430, 100, width-100, height-100);

    // Draw the next two images, both JPEGs. Put them above eachother
    // 120 pixels in from the left of the page (just inside the blue
    // rectangle).
    page.drawImage(canoe, 120, 120, 350, 260);
    page.drawImage(sand, 120, 315, 350, 455);

    // Draw the last image - our logo, a PNG image - near the
    // bottom of the page. Although this appears as the smallest
    // image on the page, it's actually the highest resolution - you
    // will notice the difference when you zoom in on the images.
    page.drawImage(logo, width-220, height, width-100, height-100);

    // Draw a black box around the blue rectangle. Do this after
    // the images. If we did it before we drew the imagse,  they
    // would overwrite part of the line.
    PDFStyle borderStyle = new PDFStyle();
    page.drawRectangle(100, 100, width-100, height-100);

    // Add some text to complete the document.
    // We're not doing anything clever with fonts in this
    // example, just using the built in Times-Roman and
    // Helvetica-Oblique

    // Create three new styles to write in.
    // 1. "footer" - 8 point Helvetica Oblique, Right aligned
    // 2. "header" - 24 point Times Roman
    // 3. "caption" - 12 point Times Roman
    PDFStyle footer = new PDFStyle();
    footer.setFont(new StandardFont(StandardFont.HELVETICAOBLIQUE), 8);

    PDFStyle caption = new PDFStyle();
    caption.setFont(new StandardFont(StandardFont.TIMES), 12);

    PDFStyle heading = new PDFStyle();
    heading.setFont(new StandardFont(StandardFont.TIMES), 24);

    // Now we can actually draw the text
    page.drawText("Some Photos from Africa", 100, 70);

    page.drawText("An example showing two JPEG images, a GIF and a PNG image", 100, 90);
    page.drawText("A fishing boat on the beach - Western Ghana", 120, 280);
    page.drawText("The largest sand dunes in the world - Namibia", 120, 475);

    page.drawText("Document created using the Big Faceless PDF Library -", width-240, height-45);

    // That's it! We've created the contents of the document. Now
    // to finish off we'll add some document meta-information and
    // set the page to resize when the document is opened.

    // Add some document info.
    pdf.setInfo("Author", "Big Faceless Organization, Inc.");
    pdf.setInfo("Title", "Some Photos from Africa");
    pdf.setAction(Event.OPEN, PDFAction.goToFit(page));

    // Write the document to a file
    OutputStream fo = new FileOutputStream("Images.pdf");