link element

Type:Heading Tags
Attributes: bytes  •  embed  •  name  •  pfbsrc  •  src-italic  •  src  •  subset  •  subtype  •  type

The link tag is used to include external files into your document - specifically stylesheets and fonts.

Although identical in purpose to the HTML "link" tag, we've given the attributes more appropriate names.

To link an external CSS stylesheet:

To link an external TrueType font: To link an external Type 1 font: To link an attachment to the PDF:

This is how to embed a CSS stylesheet

<link type="stylesheet" src="styles.css"/>

This is how to embed a TrueType font with all the variations.

<link type="font" name="mytimes" subtype="TrueType" src="times.ttf" src-bold="timesb.ttf"
                  src-italic="timesi.ttf" src-bolditalic="timesbi.ttf"/>

Or, if you are 100% sure won't need the italic or bold variations, you can leave them out.

<link type="font" name="ocrfont" subtype="TrueType" src="ocrfont.ttf"/>

This is how to embed a Type1 font with just the basic variation.

<link type="font" name="charter" subtype="Type1" src="charter.afm" pfbsrc="charter.pfb"/>

This shows is how to attach an XLS file to the PDF.

<link type="attachment/data" name="data.xls" subtype="application/" src="file:///path/to/filename.xls"/>