src-bold, src-bolditalic, src-italic attribute

Used By:link
See:pfbsrc src

Gives the source URL of the italic variant of the included font.

For TrueType fonts, this specifies the actual font file. For Type 1 fonts, this specifies the AFM file of the specified variant. The actual variant must be loaded separatly using the pfbsrc attribute and friends.

Because of the way pdf works, each font variation must be loaded as a separate font. The variant will only be embedded if it's actually used, so it's usually better to specify it than to not. Otherwise, if no "italic" variant is specified (for example), using the i element or setting the font-style> attribute to "italic" for this font will result in a warning, and the font will remain unchanged.

Embedding a TrueType font with all it's variants

<link name="myfont" type="font" subtype="opentype"