pfbsrc, pfbsrc-bold, pfbsrc-bolditalic, pfbsrc-italic attribute

Used By:link

For Type 1 fonts, gives the source URL of the PFB or PFA file of the bold variant of the font, for embedding.

If this file is not specified, the font will not be embedded in the pdf, but will be assumed to be installed on the viewers computer.

This fully embeds all four variations of a Type 1 font into the document

<link name="myfont" type="font" subtype="type1"
      src="charter.afm" pfbsrc="charter.pfb"
      src-italic="charter_i.afm" pfbsrc-italic="charter_i.pfb"
      src-bold="charter_b.afm" pfbsrc-bold="charter_b.pfb"
      src-bolditalic="charter_bi.afm" pfbsrc-bolditalic="charter_bi.pfb"