type attribute

Type:For LINK, "font" or "stylesheet". For INPUT, "signature", "text", "select", "checkbox", "radio" or "button". For pagenumber and TOTALPAGES, see marker-type.
Used By:input, link, pagenumber, totalpages
See:marker-type subtype

For link elements, the type of resource to load. Currently valid values are "font" and "stylesheet", for embedding a font file or linking in an external stylesheet.

For input elements, this specifies the type of form field to create. Valid values are listed above.

For pagenumber and totalpages elements, the type specifies the type of digits to use when numbering the pages. This is one the numeric values available for the marker-type attribute.

The default value for page number types is "decimal". In the other cases, this attribute is mandatory.

To link in an external font or stylesheet

<link name="myfont" type="stylesheet" src="style.css"/>
<link name="myfont" type="font" subtype="TrueType" src="myfont.ttf"/>

To create a form field

<input type="button" name="submitbutton" value="Submit"/>

To display the current page number in roman digits

<pagenumber type="lower-roman"/>