src attribute

Used By:img, input, link
See:pfbsrc-bold pfbsrc-bolditalic pfbsrc src-bold src-bolditalic src-italic type

Give the URL of the file to load for this objects content - for an img or BUTTON tag, the source of the image, for a link tag with type set to "font", the source of the font file. For images, the anchor portion of the URL is a comma-separated list of options which may include "quantize" to quantize the image from 24 or 32-bit color to 8-bit, and "page=page" to specify a page in a multi-page TIFF image. For legacy use, "#page" is equivalent to "#page=page"

When loading an OpenType font from an OpenType font collection, "#font=index" may be used to specify which font to use - index is the zero-based index into the list of fonts stored in the collection.

Sets the (mandatory) URL of the image to specified JPEG

<img src=""/>

Sets the (mandatory) URL of the image to the 3rd page of the TIFF, and quantize the image to 8 bits

<img src=",quantize"/>

Sets the (optional) URL of the button image.

<input type="button" name="imagebutton" src=""/>

Sets the URL of the font files for embedded fonts

<link name="mytruetypefont" type="font" subtype="OpenType" src="myfont.ttf"/>

<link name="mytype1font" type="font" subtype="Type1" src="charter.afm"