Free fully functional trial versions of BFO products may be downloaded from this page. They include all Extended Edition features for you to test as long as you wish before going live. Trial versions add a "demo stamp" to each document indicating that it was created with a trial version. All products may be purchased to remove these limitations.

Check the product overviews before purchase to ensure the software will meet all your requirements.

We release new versions often as updates and fixes are applied, so we recommend checking back regularly for the latest update.

Download Big Faceless Java Graph Library - 2.4.6

Download Big Faceless Java PDF Library - 2.17

Download Big Faceless Java Report Generator - 1.1.57

We use your graph library to create PDF files for our customers, with nice looking graphs in them. It works very well, and since it has been developed we have not had wishes to changes things.

-- Traffic4U on the Big Faceless Graph Library