pdf element

Type:Document Structure
Attributes: onload  •  onopen  •  class  •  colorspace  •  direction  •  id  •  lang  •  pdf-tag-background-color  •  pdf-tag-border-color  •  pdf-tag-border-style  •  pdf-tag-border-thickness  •  pdf-tag-color  •  pdf-tag-list-numbering  •  pdf-tag-placement  •  pdf-tag-table-colspan  •  pdf-tag-table-headers  •  pdf-tag-table-rowspan  •  pdf-tag-table-scope  •  pdf-tag-table-summary  •  pdf-tag-text-align  •  pdf-tag-type
See:body head pdfset

The pdf element is the top level element in the XML document.

Every document must have exactly one pdf element, which must be the top level tag. The pdf tag may contain a single head element, and must contain a single body element. The exception to this is when pdf is used inside a pdfset - in this case pdf has no children but requires a src attribute.

This simple example shows a complete document with information in the HEAD and BODY

    <meta name="author" value="Joe Bloggs"/>
    Document body here