colorspace attribute

Type:"DeviceRGB", "sRGB", "DeviceCMYK", "DeviceGray", url
See:background-color border-color color

Set the default colorspace of the element and it's children. If the colorspace needs to be set at all, it's usually set on the body and left, although it can theoretically be set on any tag. All colors other than named colors will use this colorspace to determine their actual values - so, for example, setting the background color of an object to "#FF0000" will result in bright red in the current RGB colorspace.

The value can be either "DeviceRGB" or "sRGB" (the two are identical), "DeviceCMYK", "DeviceGray" or the URL of an ICC color profile, which will be embedded.

Note that due to bugs in a disturbingly large number of Java environments, it may not be possible to set the colorspace to anything other than the defaults. This behaviour has been noted in many IBM implementations of Java, including AS/400, OS/390 and possibly AIX. In this case the colorspace attribute will be ignored.

Sets the colorspace to a specific ICC profile.

body { colorspace:/path/to/printerprofile.icc; }