lang attribute

Default:the default locale of the application
See:align direction font-family requote text-align text-transform yaxis-formatter

The language of the element and it's children. Valid values are any two-letter ISO language code, optionally followed by a hyphen or underscore and a two letter country code.

The language affects a number of factors, including the default font-family, the quoting style of the element if the requote option is set, the capitalization rules if the text-transform attribute is set, the text-align value, and the direction attribute. In addition, the country part of the language code specifies the format of the currency() yaxis-formatter for graphs.

As the attribute is inherited, it's typically set on the pdf or body elements, if it's set at all.

The XML namespace attribute xml:lang can be used as a synonym.

Sets the main language of the document to use Hong-Kong chinese

<pdf lang="zh_HK">