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    public class SaveAs
    extends ViewerWidget
    implements DocumentPanelListener
    Create a button that will open a dialog allowing the PDF to be saved to disk. By default, any Exporter formats included as features in the Viewer will be presented as options. However it's possible to change this by either overriding the getExporters(ViewerEvent) method, or by use of the onlyPDF initialization parameter. The Export feature can be a useful addition in this case.
    The following initialization parameters can be specified to configure this feature.
    promptOnOverwritetrue to prompt before overwriting files, false otherwise (the default)
    disableUnlessDirtytrue to disable this feature until the PDF has been marked as "dirty" (ie it has been altered), false to always enable this feature (the defualt)
    onlyPDFtrue limit the "save as" dialog to only allow the PDF format
    The name of this feature is SaveAs

    This code is copyright the Big Faceless Organization. You're welcome to use, modify and distribute it in any form in your own projects, provided those projects continue to make use of the Big Faceless PDF library.

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      • SaveAs

        public SaveAs()
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      • createActionListener

        protected ActionListener createActionListener()
        Description copied from class: ViewerWidget
        Return an ActionListener that will be called when this Widget is activated. Subclasses will typically not need to override this method except in special cases.
        createActionListener in class ViewerWidget
        ActionListener the ActionListener to be notified when an event fires
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      • getExporters

        public List<Exporter> getExporters​(ViewerEvent event)
        Return the List of Exporters that will be presented to the user on save.
        event - the event the returned list will apply to
      • setPromptOnOverwrite

        public void setPromptOnOverwrite​(boolean prompt)
        Set whether this feature should prompt before overwriting a file
        prompt - whether to prompt before overwriting a file (detault is false)
      • isPromptOnOverwrite

        public boolean isPromptOnOverwrite()
        Indicates whether this feature should prompt before overwriting a file