Class DocumentPanelEvent

  • public class DocumentPanelEvent
    extends Object
    Represents an event on a DocumentPanel indicating that document has changed somehow. To capture these events, implement the DocumentPanelListener interface and register via the DocumentPanel.addDocumentPanelListener() method. Be sure to check the getType() method to see what sort of event it is - current values include:
    createdRaised when the DocumentPanel is first created
    activatedRaised when the DocumentPanel is activated with a valid PDF
    deactivatedRaised when the DocumentPanel is deactivated
    viewportChangedRaised when the DocumentPanel has a new DocumentViewport applied to it
    loadedRaised after a PDF is loaded
    closingRaised when the PDF is closing
    redrawnRaised when the PDF has been redrawn somehow
    pageChangedRaised when the DocumentPanel changes which page is being displayed
    pagePositionChangedRaised when the DocumentPanel changes which area of the page is being displayed
    stateChangedRaised when the DocumentPanel's PDF has had its state changed. This event will be fired when the state of the document is updated in the current context - for instance, if the viewer validates a signature, or verifies a document against an OutputProfile. The nature of the change should be determined from the associated object. It's not for inherent changes to the document (such as when a page is removed) which result in a PropertyChangeEvent from the PDF or one of its components.
    permissionChangedRaised when the DocumentPanel's PDF has had its permissions changed.
    DocumentPanelEvent's are created with the static "create" methods, but unless you are implementing your own Viewport, there is probably no need to call these methods.

    This code is copyright the Big Faceless Organization. You're welcome to use, modify and distribute it in any form in your own projects, provided those projects continue to make use of the Big Faceless PDF library.