Class FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory

  • public class FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory
    extends AnnotationComponentFactory
    Create annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to signed FormSignature fields. When an annotation created by this field is clicked on, a SignatureProvider wil be chosen to verify the field and that objects showVerifyDialog() method called.
    The following initialization parameters can be specified to configure this feature, as well as those parameters specified in the SignatureProvider API documentation.
    stateIconWhether to show the icon for the current signature state. Defaults to true
    The name of this feature is FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory

    This code is copyright the Big Faceless Organization. You're welcome to use, modify and distribute it in any form in your own projects, provided those projects continue to make use of the Big Faceless PDF library.

    2.8, with much of the functionality moved to SignatureProvider in 2.11
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory

        public FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory()
        Create a new FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactory that verifies against the default KeyStore.
    • Method Detail

      • showStateIcon

        public void showStateIcon​(boolean show)
        Whether to show the icon for the current signature state on the signature itself. Defaults to true
        show - the flag
      • createComponent

        public JComponent createComponent​(PagePanel pagepanel,
                                          PDFAnnotation annot)
        Description copied from class: AnnotationComponentFactory

        Return a JComponent that will visually represent the specified PDFAnnotation. The default implementation returns a JPanel that will display the annotation appearance - it's usually best to call super.createComponent() then add any required listeners in the subclasses.

        By default this method returns a JCompoment whose paintComponent() method is overridden to call paintComponent(this, this.ui, g) followed by paintComponentAnnotations(this, g) - typically, the main reason to override this method is when a different type of object is required (eg. a JTextField)

        createComponent in class AnnotationComponentFactory
        pagepanel - the panel the JComponent will be added to
        annot - the annotation
        See Also:
        paintComponentAnnotations(), paintComponent()
      • verify

        public void verify​(FormSignature field,
                           DocumentPanel docpanel,
                           SignatureProvider provider)
        Verify the signature field, by calling the showVerifyDialog() method on the specified SignatureProvider
        field - the signed Signature field to verify
        docpanel - the DocumentPanel
        provider - the SignatureProvider to use to verify the signature