Class XFA

  • public class XFA
    extends ViewerWidget
    A class which suppressed warnings about missing XFA support in the PDF Viewer when JavaScript is supported. In the future this may well form the basis of XFA support in the viewer, but for now it's largely a no-op. The name of this feature is XFA

    This code is copyright the Big Faceless Organization. You're welcome to use, modify and distribute it in any form in your own projects, provided those projects continue to make use of the Big Faceless PDF library.

    • Constructor Detail

      • XFA

        public XFA()
    • Method Detail

      • getCustomJavaScript

        public String getCustomJavaScript​(String type,
                                          String name)
        Description copied from class: ViewerFeature
        Return any custom JavaScript that needs to be run by this feature on the specified JavaScript event. Unlike JavaScript from the document, this JavaScript will be run outside the security sandbox so will have the same permissions as the application. The default implementation returns null.
        getCustomJavaScript in class ViewerFeature
        type - the Event type : "App", "Doc" etc.
        name - the Event name : "Init", "Open", "WillClose" etc.