Class PageExtractor.Image

  • Enclosing class:

    public class PageExtractor.Image
    extends Object
    A class representing a bitmap image which is extracted from the PageExtractor. Each image has a location on the page and a RenderedImage which actually contains the image. Images may be repeated over pages, or on one page, in which case the Image returned by getImage() will be the same object.
    • Method Detail

      • getDPIX

        public float getDPIX()
        Get the horizontal resolution of the image in dots per inch
      • getDPIY

        public float getDPIY()
        Get the vertical resolution of the image in dots per inch
      • getPage

        public PDFPage getPage()
        Return the PDFPage this image was found on - simply the page the parent PageExtractor was created from
      • getUniqueId

        public int getUniqueId()
        Return a unique ID for the underlying image. Multiple copies of the same image object in a PDF will have the same number, which is guaranteed to be unique.
      • getCorners

        public float[] getCorners()
        Return the four corners (x1,y1) (x2,y2) (x3,y3) (x4,y4) of the quadrilateral that encompasses the image, specified clockwise from bottom left. The image baseline runs from (x1,y1) to (x4,y4).
      • getAngle

        public float getAngle()
        Return the angle of rotation of this image on the page, in degrees clockwise from 12 o'clock. Most images are not rotated and so will return 0.
        the angle of the image
      • getPDFImage

        public PDFImage getPDFImage()
        Return the PDFImage