zaxis attribute

Used By:Graph elements except piegraph
Default:Black 7pt Helvetica
See:align color font-family font-size font-style font-weight vertical-align xaxis yaxis

The zaxis family of attributes set the style to print the markers on the Z axis, if any.

zaxis-rotate sets the rotation of the text, in degrees clockwise from 12 o'clock. This is probably the most useful of the various attributes.

zaxis-color sets the color of the markers

zaxis-font-family sets the font to use to display the markers, in the same way as font-family

zaxis-font-style sets the font style to use, in the same way as font-style

zaxis-font-weight sets the font weight to use, in the same way as font-weight

zaxis-font-size sets the size of the font to use, in the same way as font-size

zaxis-align and zaxis-valign set the alignment of the text. Generally these are set by the system to an appropriate value, but can be set separately in the same way as the align or vertical-align attributes.

depthbargraph { zaxis-font-family:Times; zaxis-color:red; }