floor-grid, ywall-grid, zwall-grid attribute

Type:"horizontal", "vertical" or "horizontal and vertical"
Used By:Graph elements except piegraph
Default:"horizontal and vertical"

Determines which lines to draw on the x, y or z-wall of the graph if the appropriate floor-border-color, yaxis-border-color or zaxis-BORDER_COLOR attribute is set. By default both horizontal and vertical lines are drawn, but this may be changed by setting this attribute to "horizontal" or "vertical".

Note that for lines on the x-wall or "floor" of the graph, "vertical" means lines heading into the page and "horizontal" means lines heading across the page, in the same direction as the x-axis.

Draw Horizontal lines only on the graphs backing wall

<bargraph zwall-color="gray" zwall-border-color="black" zwall-grid="horizontal">