y attribute

Used By:arcto, bezierto, circle, lineto, moveto, sample
See:cx1 cx2 cy1 cy2 x

In the shape elements, set the y position to move the cursor to.

In the sample tag, sets the value on the y-axis of the sample.

Draw a line from (20,20) to (80,80) in the 100x100 box

<shape width="100" height="100">
    <moveto x="20" y="20"/>
    <lineto x="80" y="80"/>

Draw a line graph

<linegraph width="100" height="100" xaxis-formatter="date()">
  <datacurve name="total sales">
    <sample x="2002-10-15" y="103"/>
    <sample x="2002-10-16" y="93"/>
    <sample x="2002-10-17" y="27"/>