outline-width attribute

Used By:All text elements
Default:1.0 for text, 0.5 for graphs
See:font-style outline-color

If the font-style is set to "outline", the thickness of the outline to draw, in points. If a percentage, it's taken to be a percentage of the font size.

For graphs, which don't use outlined text, this attribute sets the thickness of the borders of each element on the graph - the bars in the bar graph, the slices in the pie graph. The default value in this case is 0.5

Sets the paragraph to draw the text in a black outline 0.5pt wide

p.hollow { font-style:outline; outline-color:black; outline-width:0.5pt}

Sets the bargraph to draw the outline of the elements with white 0.25pt wide lines

bargraph { outline-color:white; outline-width:0.5; }