footer, header attribute

Used By:body, pbr
See:background-macro footer-height header-height id

The footer attribute specifies the page footer to apply to the specified pages, and the header attribute specifies the header.

They can be used either on the body tag to set the default header/footer for all pages, the pbr tag to set it for pages following that page break, or in a stylesheet they can be associated with a specific page by referencing that pages id. These three situations are shown below:

Don't forget to set the footer-height and header-height attributes as well, otherwise the footer or header may overlap the contents of the page.

First, set the default footer for every page in the document

<body footer="myfooter" footer-height="20pt">

Second, set the header for every page following the PBR.

<pbr header="myheader" header-height="20pt">

Finally, the header or footer can be set for an individual page or pages using STYLE element.

#page1                  { footer:page1footer; footer-height:20pt; }
#page2, #page3, #page4  { footer:otherpagesfooter; footer-height:20pt; }