default-colors attribute

Type:list of colors
Used By:Graph elements

The list of default colors to use for the graph, separated by commas.

The list may specify as many colors as the author feels like. If, when plotting the graph the list is exhausted, the first color is recycled.

Although a fairly clumsy way of defining a list of colors (a set of HTML tags would be simpler), the advantage of using an attribute is being able to set the values in a stylesheet. For example, two sheets could be created, one for B+W printed output and one for screen.

Two possible stylesheet entires, one for onscreen viewing and one for black and white printing

bargraph { default-colors:'red, blue, green, orange, yellow' }

bargraph { default-colors:'gray(50%), gray(70%), gray(90%), pattern(star,gray(50%),gray(70%), 10)) }