background-pdf attribute

Used By:All block elements

Set the background of a block to the specified PDF. This functions in exactly the same way as the background-image attribute except for the format of the background file. If the pdf is not the same size as the element whose background is being set, the pdf is stretched or squashed to fit.

As for multi-page images, the page of the pdf to draw can be specified by adding a "#page=page" to the URL. For legacy use the syntax "#page" is equivalent.

Two other options can be added after the "#" sign: #flatten will flatten any annotations on the page so that they appear on the background-pdf image. Alternatively, #full will merge the annotations on that page into the page being created. You can combine either of these with #page, eg "#page=2,flatten"

Note use of this attribute requires the "Extended Edition" of the Report Generator

Set the background of the document to the specified PDF. Page 1 of the report uses page 1 of the background, page 2 of the report (if it exists) uses page 2 of the background, and so on.

body { background-pdf:url(http://localhost/background.pdf) }

Sets the background of the table to page two of the specified PDF.

<div background-pdf="http://localhost/background.pdf#page=2" width="100" height="100"/>