background-image-position attribute

Type:"stretch", "repeat", "top", "left", "bottom" or "right"
Used By:All block elements
See:background-image-dpi background-image-height background-image-width background-image

Where to position the background image in it's containing block. The default value is "stretch", which means the image is drawn once but stretched to fill the whole area.

The second most popular value is "repeat", where the image is sized depending on the values of background-image-width, , background-image-height and background-image-dpi, and then repeated over and over until the whole area is filled.

The remaining options are combinations of the values top, right, bottom and left, which size the image as for repeat but only draw the image once.

This example places the background image at the top-left of the page at 72dpi.

<body background-image="background.gif" background-image-dpi="72" background-image-position="top left">