background-image-dpi, background-image-height, background-image-width attribute

Used By:All block elements
See:background-image-position background-image dpi height width

These three attributes control the dpi (dots per inch) of the background image specified by background-image. If no background image is specified, they're ignored. They perform the same function for background images as the dpi, width and height attributes perform for the img tag.

Only one of the background-image-dpi or the background-image-width/background-image-height should be specified. These will control the size of an individual image, which may be drawn more than once depending on the value of background-image-position

Assuming the image "background.gif" is 500 pixels square, both the following lines result in a background image that's 1 inch by 1 inch.

<p background-image="background.gif" background-image-dpi="500"/>
<p background-image="background.gif" background-image-width="1in" background-image-height="1in"/>